portrait-photos / people-photography

business, application, sedcard, profile, press-portrait on location / group-photos, staff-photos

photo-report / business-event-photography

corporate function, branch events, galas, awards show, fashion-shows, receptions; birthday-, christmas-, opening-parties, locations, impressionen

real estate-photography

architecture, apartments, stillife, interior design, furniture

commercial photography / catalogue

-> corporate photography = for company advertising, documentation and PR, presenting the company in the best possible light


digital image editing


  • photo-delivery on location or within 12 hours via webserver; if required with online photo-gallery and -CD
  • photo-prints on location (+your text/logo on the photos)

I can arrange the appropriate team! Optionally consist of:

photographers, photo-printer, photo-box, DJ (+karaoke), cameraman, stylist, singer, musican, magician

– and send you a non-binding cost estimate.